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How It Works

I provide a personal chef service that provides a truly unique, culinary experience for busy single professionals, working couples, and families. My service is a timesaving and convenient dining alternative designed to provide you with savory customized meals right in your home. From classic American to International cuisine to low fat~ low sodium to vegetarian entrées, I use the freshest ingredients to create meals that are a deliciously, enjoyable personal experience.

First…Designing Your Meals

When you call or e-mail me, I will arrange a visit to your home. This one-time "no hassle" consultation enables us to meet one another (please include everyone who will be enjoying the food) and to develop a sense for your tastes and/or dietary needs. We will complete a food questionnaire, which will be used to create a menu specific to your preferences. You will select your first set of entrées from our extensive menu, which includes a variety of regional American, International favorites and family friendly comfort foods. Vegetarian and low-fat items are also available, and I would be happy to make any favorite family recipes. ** Prices are based on your preferences and service schedule.

Next…Service Schedule

During this time, we also arrange a service schedule. Services may be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on an "as-needed" basis. Once the menu is completed and you have provided a service schedule, The Borrowed Apron will handle the rest:

customized menus
menu variety
meal preparation and clean up

Then…On cooking days

I will shop for the groceries needed to prepare your meals. The cost of these groceries is included in the charge for the menu service. Only fresh produce, herbs, seasonings and top quality meats and fish will be selected. I will arrive at your home with everything needed to complete your meals. Once prepared, I package your entrées and provide simple reheating instructions. The only evidence of me having been in your kitchen is a refrigerator full of savory entrées, and the aroma of delicious home-cooked food in the air.

It's really that simple…

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"Good food is one of the great joys in life. Being able to enjoy it in the relaxed atmosphere of your own home, alone, or in the company of family, or friends, is something to be treasured."

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